Originally our humble farm house, the need to make good use of the animals from Lake  Mburo national park that paid us a visit every day, Zebras, Buffaloes, Antelopes and occasionally the odd hyena  coming to the salt well. Alas the idea was born.

We welcome you to visit and send you clients to taste the best of cultural tourism and the national park. Our 16 room facility offers midrange accommodation at affordable prices.

With a fully equipped kitchen, traditional huts and  camping grounds for your camping needs Mpogo lodge offers the best of both the cultural and modern world.

Why the name Mpogo?
Mpogo is a name of a traditionally famous long horned cow that was a symbol of good luck in the Chwezi people, the founders of Ankole kingdom in Uganda. Despite the fact that the present generation has failed to conserve the Chwezi tradition, coming to Mpogo Lodge will give u a chance to see the only surviving and greatly cherished Mpogo cow.

Our excellent services

Mpogo lodge is a classy and exceptional accommodation facility that offers a variety of activities including game viewing at Lake Mburo national park, boat rides on Lake Mburo, village walks and bird watching accompanied by professional guides. cultural encounters that will be an inspiring and memorable addition to your Ugandan wildlife safari. Cultural and community encounters include drumming performances and lessons, village walks, medicinal plant demonstrations, handcraft workshops and shopping, community-run accommodations and restaurants + more!