Not only does Mpogo Lodge provide accommodation for guests to the nearby L.Mburo N.P, we are strong believers in cultural tourism,Whether you prefer to spend your morning milking the Ankole Long horned cattle, making yoghurt the traditional way or take a stroll and visit the ghee factory in the neighborhood, where you get a chance to churn ghee the traditional way, in larger than life calabashes.
Mpogo lodge gives you a chance to live the ankole herdsmen life for 24 hours. It’s one thing to be told a tale or visit the cultural museum, it’s fascinating to live it.

Local Community Tour
From your traditional barbeque, to a milk pot smoking ritual that gives milk its distinct smoky taste to turning cow hides in to a local carpet, from milking to grazing and watering the almost extinct long horned cattle, weaving milk pot covers and baskets to traditional ghee making/churning to growing ones own food,from traditional folktale to folksong and dance by the local dance troupe over a nice cold Ugandan beer. Mpogo lodge gives you a chance to immerse yourself in true traditional Ankole culture.